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**StUdEnT hIgHlIgIhT**

Nicholas Carpentar is a Junior in the USU Graphic Design BFA Program. He is a jack of all trades really. He does motion, he does videography, photography, design. Basically he does everything you can think of and rocks everyone’s socks off.

He was selected to intern for National Geographics photographer Joel Sartore’s. Nick worked with Sartore on “Photo Ark”, a project supported by the National Geographic Society that aims to bring attention to the plight of animals at the hands of human beings. Nick did animated works of Joels’ photography and had opportunity to share his art with the world on the Vatican in an effort by humanitarian groups to bring attention to the ongoing Paris Climate Talks, and to recognize Pope Francis for his recent encyclical on environmental protection. WAIT WHUTTT?? Yeah… that happened.

So now that you all feel a little less accomplished, take a look at his other stuff below.