USU Juniors were asked to collaborate with their Branding Professor, Mike Daines and his associates, Nate from AQKA, Alex from Everlane, and Matt from Afton Klein Group, on a brand research and development project for a new customized headphone brand: VADE // VADE SOUND

It was a hands-on, in-depth analysis and research into the competitor brands. The students were challenged to create a brand that has potential to be a relevant competitor. They were asked to take time to understand the demographic, values and attitudes of the target market while making their concepts stand out and connect.

The students were asked to to create a presentation Deck for Mike and his associates that was cohesive, functional, and esthetically pleasing of delivarables that included:

Logo Mark

Business Communications

Product Styling


Brand Statement

Seven of the students were selected to review their projects with Mike and his associates. Ultimately one student was given the opportunity for an undergraduate research project working with them more closely.

Here are examples of the six good but, not good enough VADE SOUND projects: