Book design and Binding

  • Designing Books: Practice and Theory, Hochuli, Kinross
  • Five Hundred Years of Printing, Steinberg
  • The Form of the Book: Essays on the Morality of Good Design, Tschichold
  • On Book Design, Hendel


  • The Art of Color, Itten
  • The Elements of Color, Itten
  • Colour: a Workshop for Artists and Designers, Hornung
  • Interaction of Color, Albers

Design Thinking, Creative Process, & Work Strategies

  • The Art of Looking Sideways, Fletcher
  • Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, Kleon
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow, Kahneman
  • The Use of Lateral Thinking, De Bono
  • Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite, Arden


  • Art and Visual Perception, Arnheim
  • Design and Form: The Basic Course at the Bauhause and Later, Itten
  • Point and Line to Plane, Kandinsky
  • Type, Image, Message: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop, Skolos, Wedell
  • Visual Grammar, Leborg


  • Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, Samara
  • Design ELements, Form & Space, Puhalla
  • The Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Ambros, Harris
  • Graphic Design Basics, Arnston
  • Graphic Design: The New Basics, Lupton, Philips
  • Graphic Design Thinking, Lupton, Philips
  • Graphic Design Sources, Hiebert
  • Inside/Outside: Form the Basics to the Practice of Design, Grear
  • The Language of Graphic Design, Poulin
  • A Primer of Visual Language, Dondis


  • Designing Programmers, Gerstner
  • The Designer and the Grid, Roberts, Thrift
  • The Geometry of Design, Elam
  • Grids, Gavin Ambrose, Harris
  • Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type, Elam
  • Making and Breaking the Grid, Samara
  • Modular i & ii, Le Corbusier
  • The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Doczi
  • Der Typografische Raster, Bosshard


  • Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, V. Tufte
  • The Elements of Style, Strunk, White
  • How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One, Fish
  • On Writing Well, Zinsser
  • Six Memos for the Next Millennium, Calvino
History + Theory

  • 79 Short Essays on Design, Bierut
  • Aesthetic Theory: Essential Text for Architecture and Design, Gage
  • After Theory, Eagleton
  • Cranbrook Design: The NEw Discourse, McCoy, McCoy
  • Critical Theory & Practice: A Coursebook, Green, LeBihan
  • Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design, Macnab
  • Design Dialogues, Heller, Pettit
  • Design Research: Methods and Perspectives, Laurel
  • Design Studies: Theory and Research in Graphic Design, Bennett
  • Design Writing Research, Lupton, Miller
  • Dutch Graphic Design: A Century, Broos, Hefting
  • Emigre No. 70: The Look Back Issue, VanderLans
  • Graphic Design: A Concise History, Hollis
  • Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers, Jury
  • Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field, Armstrong
  • Graphic Design Theory, Davis
  • Graphic Design Time Line: A Century of Design Milestones, Heller
  • A History of Graphic Design, Meggs
  • Looking Closer: Critical Writings on Graphic Design [vol. 1–5] Beirut, et al.
  • No Logo, Klein
  • No More Rules: Graphic Design and Postmodernism, Poynor
  • On Dialogue, Bohm
  • The Sense of Order, Gobrich
  • Subculture: The Meaning of Style, Hebdige
  • The Struggle for Utopia: Rodchenko Lissitsky Maholy-Nagy, Margolin
  • Unjustified TExts: Perspectives on Typography, Kinross
  • Visual Thinking, Arnheim
  • Visual Research: An Intro to Research Methodologies in G. D., Noble, Bestly
  • Ways of Seeing, Berger
  • Women of Design, Vit, Gomez-Palacio

Identity | Logo

  • Identify: Basic Principles of Identity Design…,Geismar, Haviv, Chermayeff
  • Marks of Excellence, Mollerup

Industrial Design

  • Designing for People, Dreyfuss
  • The Design of Everyday Things, Norman
  • As Little Design As Possible: The Work of Dieter Rams, Lovell, Kemp, Ive


  • Designing Interactions, Moggridge

Information Design

  • Envisioning Information, Tufte
  • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Tufte
  • Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative, Tufte
  • Visual COmplexity: Mapping Patterns of Information. Lima


  • BaseLine: Int’l TypoGraphics Magazine
  • Dot Dot Dot (back issues only)
  • Emigre (back issues only)
  • Eye: Int’l Review of Graphic Design
  • Print

  • Altitude: Contemporary Swiss Graphic Design
  • Armin Hofmann: His Works, Quest and Philosophy, Hofmann
  • The Art of Looking Sideways, Fletcher
  • Contemporary Graphic Design, Tashen
  • Design As ARt, Munari
  • Designing Universal Knowledge: The World As Fatland, Schuller
  • Ed Fella Documents, Tuset-Anres
  • Emergence, Johnson
  • How to Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing your Soul, Shaughnessy
  • Made You Look, Sagmeister
  • A Pattern Language, Alexander, et al.
  •  Printed Matter/Drukwerk, Martens, van Triest, Kinross
  • Pretty Ugly: Visual REbellion in Design, Gestalten
  • The Laws of Simplicity, Maeda
  • The Thames and Hudson Encyclopedia of G.D. and Designers, Livingston
  • Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far, Sagmeister
  • This Way That Way, Dodard, Muller
  • Tell Me Why: The First 24 Months of a New York Design Co., Karisson, Wilker
  • You Can Find Inspiration in Everything, Smith, Baxter, Brownfield, Slater, Violette

Semiotics | Symbols

  • This Means This, THis Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics, Hall
  • Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language, Eco
  • Symbol Sourcebook: An Authoritative Guide to Int’l Graphic Symbols, Dreyfuss
  • Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, McCloud
  • Visible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics, Crow
  • From Hieroglyphics to Isotype: A Visual Autobiography, O. Neurath
  • The Transformer: Principles of Making Isotype Charts. M. Neurath


  • About Face: Reviving the Rules of Typography, Jury
  • Abz, Rothenstein
  • A Compendium for Literates, Gerstner
  • Alphabets and Other Signs, Rothenstein
  • American Wood Type: 1828-1900, Kelly, Shields
  • Asymmetric Typography [Typographische Gestaltung] Tschichold
  • Designing With Type, Craig
  • Detail in Typography, Hochuli
  • The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst, Chappell
  • An Essay on Typography, Gill
  • Experiments with Letterform and Calligraphy, Gurtler
  • Finer Points in the Spacing & Arrangement of Type, Dowding
  • Introduction to Typography, Simon
  • Letter Fountain, Joep Pohlen, Setola
  • Manuale Typographicum, Zapf
  • My Way to Typography, Weingart
  • Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design’s Golden Age, Heller, Fili
  • Stop Stealing Sheep & Find OUt How Type Works, Spiekermann, Ginger
  • A Typographic Workbook, Clair
  • Thinking With Type, Lupton
  • Twentieth-Century Type, Blackwell
  • Type & Typography, Baines, Haslam
  • Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles, Vols. 1 & 2, Taschen
  • A Type Primer, Kane
  • Typographic Design:  Form and Communication, Carter, Day, Meggs
  • The Typographic Desk Reference, Rosendorf
  • Typographie: A Manual of Design, Ruder
  • Typology: Type Design from the Victorian Era to the Digital Age, Heller, Fili
  • A View of Early Typography: Up To About 1600, Carter